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cat skiing

Powder In Your Face

Heliskiing is one of the best inventions after buttered toast. Combining speed and ease for access to tons of untouched snow, just waiting to be charged, was surely a stroke of genius. It was further genius that started offering heliskiing tours here in British Columbia. With some of the world's best mountains, and arguably the world's best snow, it's no wonder that 95% of the world's heliskiing and catskiing occur here every year. While there is snow cat skiing available all over the province, some areas are better than the rest.

Revelstoke Museum Receives Fundung For Tour

The Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society received CAN $26,000 from the Canadian government to take its Chinese Legacies exhibition on tour throughout Canada. The exhibit covers the experiences of the more than 15,000 Chinese workers who worked on building the Canadian Pacific Railway. The tour will stop at the Exporail in Quebec, the Port Moody Station Museum, the Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum in British Columbia and the Copperbelt Mining and Railway Museum in Whitehorse. Canada Heliskiing

Mica Heli Guides Wins Ski Canada Award for Heli Assisted Touring

Revelstoke, B.C. Canada  Mica Heli ski guides won the Ski Canada award for “Best Half & Half” for their helicopter assisted touring package.

Heliskiing is not for the Weak of Heart

Skiing is one of those sports that offer a lot of opportunities to all categories of people, whether novices or experiences skiers. Skiing starts with safe slopes that only feature slight inclinations and are suitable even for small children, and ends with catskiing why is more advanced as it is practiced on untouched slopes. It can easily be considered to be an extreme sport if you consider all the dangers, and like with all extreme sports getting to the starting point requires cannot be done by using traditional transport options.

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