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Deep Powder

Pillow Skiing at Mica Heli

TGR Soul Purpose 2004 edition shows off Mica Heli Skiing back in the early days.  Unreal pillow skiing for snowboarding and heliskiing.  This road trip starts out in the United States and end up North of Revelstoke British Columbia Canada.  Enjoy.

Discovery Channel Rates Mica in Top 7

Discovery Channel recently rated the worlds top 7 heli operations and Mica made it in at number four.  The only British Columbia operater listed too boot.  For the ultimate list of heliskiing deep powder check out the article here.

Island Lake Catskiing, Mica Heliskiing and The North Face Announce Partnership


Island Lake Catskiing, Mica Heliskiing and The North Face have formed a partnership.  All Island Lake and Mica staff will be setup in North Face uniforms.  “We are stoked to be working with a great company like The North Face - they understand our mountain culture and are willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs” said Mica Heliskiing Marketing Director - Darryn Shewchuk.

Men's Journal Highlights Mica Heliskiing

Men's Journal recently ran a gorgeous spread in their notebook section on Mica Heliskiing.  Pick up the February 2011 edition and check it out.

Salomon FreeSki TV Visits Mica

Henrik Windstedt, Mark Abma, Mike Douglas and Asmund Thorsen spend a week shredding pillows and trees in some of the deepest snow of the season at Mica Heliskiing in BC

Resorts In The Northern Hemisphere

October is here, and with it, more luxury mountain resorts are starting their 2010-2011 operations. Right now it's mostly restricted to resorts with glaciers, but as time moves on more will be opening their doors. Most of them need to run the snow makers as well, and are only opening for the weekend. Nevertheless, it's a start. All this action makes us antsy with anticipation here in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

The Big Ones Are Biting

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a fair-sized ski town set on the picturesque slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Once the snow starts falling, visitors from all around the world descend on Revelstoke for the amazing heliskiing opportunities here. But when the snow isn't falling, there is still plenty to do. Fishing is one of the more popular diversions during the summer time. It is popular because of all the different opportunities to fish for your favorite species. Fly-fishing creates for numerous chances to visit remote mountain lakes.

In Deep Powder

To any heli skier or boarder, the obsession with powder and big mountain slopes is a powerful one. There is something strangely perfect about carving up a powder bowl. The sound as you switch back and forth, left to right, down the mountain is quite mesmerizing. The rest of the world falls away as your sole focus becomes the big mountain line ahead of you. For years we've been awed and inspired by skiers and snowboarders taking it to the next level as they bomb crazy slopes with insane pitches.

Unlimited Vertical And Terrain

One of the key metrics by which to judge a heliskiing operation is the amount of vertical available to ski on the average day. Any operator will give you a nice number that probably doesn't mean much as your sit at home planning your trip, but if you're going to pay all the money to go heliskiing why be restricted? At Mica Heli Guides you don't have to worry. First off, they offer tours of small groups only. With so few people sharing the helicopter, the only on who will be waiting is the pilot at the bottom of the mountain.

Mica Heli – Head And Rotors Above The Rest

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a world renowned backcountry skiing and snowboarding destination. Until someone comes up with a better way, your best options for hitting the backcountry anywhere involves traveling in a helicopter or a snow cat skiing. In fact, 95% of the world's catskiing and heliskiing happens right here in British Columbia every year. Here in Revelstoke, the best terrain you can find is the tenure of Mica Heli Guides.

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