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Mica in 90 Seconds

Do you have 90 seconds? I thought so.  Check out the video on Mica Heliboarding in 90 seconds.  A great compilation of the high alpine skiing, the pillowed trees, and the unrivaled terrain of the Canadian Rockies north of Revelstoke Canada.  Life can move pretty fast... 

Advantages of Group Heli Skiing

What To Do In Case of Bad Weather

Heliski Legends: Tim Emmett

Extreme snow sports practiced in the whole world

There are many extreme snow sports practiced around the world. We will shortly present all of them in the rows below, so that you can choose what fits best for you. heliskiing

Heli Skiing and Visibility

This is a defining an issue which is not too much discussed in the classes of heli skiing technique. The visibility is linked to weather conditions and has a great influence on our way to ski. Understandably, as in any other form of "circulation", the heli skier must adapt their speed to the prevailing visibility conditions.

With a clear cloudless day, we tend to ski faster, because we see a larger open field in front of us, especially if no other skiers or obstacles are on the track. These also influence our visibility.

Frequent questions over heli ski

Most of those who want to try heliskiing in Canada, can’t help themselves to not wonder some questions before accept going there. So, in this idea, below we will answer to some of the most common questions asked by people who wanted to try this sport until now.

Benefits of Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding

For those who just began to wonder and to gather information about heli skiing, this sport may look a little risky, highly costing and without some really benefits except, maybe, the wildness and the beautiful landscape that surrounds the places where the runs are made. But the truth is not exactly like this and heli skiing gained a second name of “the most extreme way of skiing” because of this. In other words, skiing with the help of a helicopter is mostly for those who love to have great adventures. Heli skiing

Comparing cat skiing with heli skiing

For those who never tried one of these two experiences, and cat skiing seems to look the same, with the only difference in the way of transportation. Actually, the difference is bigger than at a first view and, by far, the winner is the heli skiing. heli skiing

Heli skiing fitness general conditions

As a beginner, it is very crucial to be physically ready before you go heli skiing. Being in form does not only lead to a more fluid body motion. It also increases your skiing skills and does them more fun to do. To coming in shape to gear you up on the tough demands of heli skiing calls for a lot of loyalty and discipline. heliskiing


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