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The Deepest of all Powder at Mica Lodge

Alright this video is incredibly cruel to those of us sitting behind a computer screen right now.  The deep powder skiing at Mica Heli skiing shown in this video is absolutely insane.  Some of the best powder in North America at the top rated heli guide operation.

Frequent questions over heli ski

Most of those who want to try heliskiing in Canada, can’t help themselves to not wonder some questions before accept going there. So, in this idea, below we will answer to some of the most common questions asked by people who wanted to try this sport until now.

Tips on equipment and safety for heliskiing

The best candidates for practicing heliskiing are those who already have some large experience in practicing normal skiing or snowboarding. Actually, the perfect ones for practicing this sport are those who are good or very good at the previous mentioned ones. While most of those who are providing heliskiing service are segmenting their groups on categories such as “well experienced” and “beginners”, so based on the level of experience, not all of them are providing such professional services.

The Challenge of Heliskiing

Heli skiing is more than just a sport. It is a challenge to overcome adversity and have tremendous fun while doing it. It provides an enormous adrenaline rush and it is one of the toughest extreme sports there is. You basically go up a mountain with a helicopter (mainly because the peak is utterly inaccessible by foot) and you drop down and try to ski down the mountain, without breaking any bones in the process.

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