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helicopter skiing

Mica Helmet Cam

User review: check out the helmet cam of a recent Mica Heli Skiing guest.  A first person view of the Mica experience.  Deep powder, endless terraine, unlimited vertical.  Best heli skiing in the world.

Mica in 90 Seconds

Do you have 90 seconds? I thought so.  Check out the video on Mica Heliboarding in 90 seconds.  A great compilation of the high alpine skiing, the pillowed trees, and the unrivaled terrain of the Canadian Rockies north of Revelstoke Canada.  Life can move pretty fast... 

Robb Report Touches Down at Mica Helicopter Skiing

In this December issue of Robb Report Kelly McMillian experiences skiing most exclusive adventure.  The private 4 day trip to British Columbia at Mica Lodge putting in over 25,000 vertical feet a day and getting to name her own run.  Check out story here...

Extreme Heliskiing Mica

A little compalation of some rather extreme heli skiing moments at Mica over the past few years.  Some of North Americas best helicopter skiing in the Canadian Rockies all on film.

An Anticipated Season

We're only on winter's doorstep, and already the season is looking big. First and foremost, it's already snowing here in British Columbia. Neither the resorts, nor the backcountry helicopter or snow cat skiing tours, have opened yet. Yet, in some select areas, people have already shredded the first lines of the 2010-2011 season. Even though the snow really hasn't started falling here in the Northern Hemisphere, excitement is filling the air.

IF3 2010 Starts Today

The International Freeski Film Festival kicks off today. Running until this Sunday, September 19th, the festival will feature the premiers of many films from around the world. Taking place in Montreal, Quebec, the event will highlight productions from Nimbus Independent, Field Productions, Level 1 Productions and many others. Tanner Hall will be premiering his new movie, Like a Lion. The films will be judged by JF Cusson, Neil Sotirakopoulos and Guillaume Lahure. The categories will be Open, Pro, Amateur and Webisode.

Unlimited Vertical And Terrain

One of the key metrics by which to judge a heliskiing operation is the amount of vertical available to ski on the average day. Any operator will give you a nice number that probably doesn't mean much as your sit at home planning your trip, but if you're going to pay all the money to go heliskiing why be restricted? At Mica Heli Guides you don't have to worry. First off, they offer tours of small groups only. With so few people sharing the helicopter, the only on who will be waiting is the pilot at the bottom of the mountain.

Mica Heli – Head And Rotors Above The Rest

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a world renowned backcountry skiing and snowboarding destination. Until someone comes up with a better way, your best options for hitting the backcountry anywhere involves traveling in a helicopter or a snow cat skiing. In fact, 95% of the world's catskiing and heliskiing happens right here in British Columbia every year. Here in Revelstoke, the best terrain you can find is the tenure of Mica Heli Guides.

The View From Above Revelstoke

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a typical Canadian mountain town in many ways. First, it dates back from the creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Second, the first people drawn to the town were involved in the mining or timber business, or both. Third, it is a Mecca for B.C. powder seekers. As many skiers and snowboarders have moved from the resorts into the backcountry, they have increasingly used helicopters to get there.

While The Bears Are Sleeping

In few months time, the bears will be sleeping. Unless you’re currently studying bears, or have a particular affinity for them, this is probably not a terribly interesting fact. However, if you're an avid skier or snowboarder, it does signify something much more noteworthy: if the bears are sleeping, it means winter has arrived. Of course that means that Revelstoke, British Columbia is covered in beautiful white snow. With the arrival of winter, tours into the vast backcountry of B.C. commence.

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