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Mica Helmet Cam

User review: check out the helmet cam of a recent Mica Heli Skiing guest.  A first person view of the Mica experience.  Deep powder, endless terraine, unlimited vertical.  Best heli skiing in the world.

Discovery Channel Rates Mica in Top 7

Discovery Channel recently rated the worlds top 7 heli operations and Mica made it in at number four.  The only British Columbia operater listed too boot.  For the ultimate list of heliskiing deep powder check out the article here.

GMC World of Skiing Highlights Mica

GMC World of skiing recently headed out north of Revelstoke to Mica Heliskiing to check out the world class heli skiing they had heard so much about.  Check out the video of the absolute deep powder they were treated to on their visit to the Canadian rockies.

Revelstoke Brewery Wins Gold

Revelstoke, British Columbia isn't the same old ski town that you find dotting the mountain ranges of North America. While it still classifies as a ski town, after all, thousands of visitors descend on the town every winter, Revelstoke has many other activities and interests. One of them is our very own Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. They've been brewing their delicious beers here in Revelstoke since 1996. One of their new beers, the Nasty Habit IPA, just won gold at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards. The beer took top prize in the English India Pale Ale category.

Revelstoke Ski Club Prepares For Winter

The Revelstoke Ski Club is the premier ski racing team here in Revelstoke. With the season's start not that far away, the team has been doing some rigorous training. They've already participated in two training fitness camps up in the mountains around Revelstoke, as well as a visit to the glaciers of Mount Hood, Oregon for some summer skiing practice. While the ordinary snow sports enthusiast doesn't need such intense training, it doesn't hurt to do a little something to get the body ready for the rigors of shredding the slopes.

Relaxing Revelstoke Style

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a very unique town. There are quite a number of different things to do here, no matter the season. While people might dismiss it at first glance as just another small B.C. ski town, they would certainly be foolish to do so. During the summer there is plenty of great hiking and mountain biking, as well as fishing, golf and whitewater rafting. There are also numerous heritage and cultural sites to explore in the area too.

Revelstoke From Up High

Since it is still summer, and a few months left until the snow starts to fall in amounts that let us ski the slopes around here, you'd think the helicopters used for heliskiing are sitting quietly in their hangers. This is not the case. The reason is because Revelstoke is an amazingly beautiful place to explore no matter the time of year.

Bird Watching In Revelstoke


Social Mountain Biking

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a mountain paradise year round. In the winter, there is skiing and snowboarding, whereas in the summer, there is mountain biking and hiking. While there are plenty of awesome trails and parks to explore on your own over the summer months, one of the best ways to explore is in the company of fellow cyclists. For that purpose, every Thursday night, Revelstoke plays host to Pedal & Pint. This fun-filled evening starts at 6PM at the Community Centre. After two hours of sweet trail riding, the event heads over to the River City Pub for drinks and merriment.

The Culture and History of Revelstoke

Revelstoke, British Columbia is wonderful vacation spot filled with action and adventure. In the summer, you can go mountain biking, hiking, fishing and whitewater rafting. In the winter, you can go skiing, snow cat boarding and snowmobiling. However, for those that want a break, or prefer something more cerebral, there are also plenty of cultural and historical things to do here as well. Take a visit to the Railway Museum for a look into how Revelstoke was formed. The Canadian Pacific Railway is a very important part of B.C.

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