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Down With Down Days

Heliskiing is the most exciting way to access the backcountry, but it isn't without its problems. Chief among them is when inclement weather grounds the helicopter. Just like that, your expensive vacation, whose whole purpose was to skip the lines at the lift to hit awesome terrain, has turned into a glorified game of cards in the lodge. If you're visiting an operation like Mica Heli Guides, considering how luxurious the lodge is that might not be so bad, but you still won’t be satisfied. That is why you absolutely must book with Mica.

Heliskiing and Inclement Weather

Going into the backcountry with the aid of a helicopter is one of the greatest inventions in the history of skiing. It is certainly the premier way to get truly spectacular lines. However, the surest way to have a heliskiing vacation ruined is if the weather turns so bad that the helicopter can’t fly you into the backcountry. This is one of the most important factors to consider when booking your next vacation. Also to avoid that unfortunate problem, be sure to book your adventure with Mica Heli Guides, located in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

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